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the knife ban isn't worth the risk. this change takes effect on april 25th. >>> a winter storm dumps more than a foot of snow in colorado. driving has been made dangerous on major interstates, canceled more than 40 flights in denver. along the continental divide, crews shot artillery shells into the side of a mountain to start a controlled avalanche to prevent a more dangerous natural one. demolitions are under way along the massachusetts coast after a late winter storm knocked at least three homes off their foundations and pushed them into the atlantic. the storm left a dozen homes on plum island uninhabitable. residents there long have fought coastal erosion and say the federal jetty system is making the problem worse. >>> did you remember to set your clocks ahead before going to bed last night? i certainly worried about it because i had to get up real early. if you haven't, it's all right. just know you're an hour behind this morning. daylight saving time began at 2:00 a.m. i know it's hard to lose that extra hour of sleep. what i keep telling myself, the bright side, we're gaining mor
how easy it is to make changes if you are an outsider. >> he is not an outsider in that he has worked in the vatican and has served on various commissions. he knows a lot of the personnel involved, but you are right. he has been out of the vatican for a long time. i think that will give him strength. it gives him a vision. it gives him a particular scope of what has to be done. there is so much wait and see about all this, isn't there? >> we will leave it there. thank you for a much indeed for that. it has been an extraordinary atmosphere in st. peter's square. a little earlier we got the reaction from latin america, the first latin american pope, the first known as the wood. >> a huge moment for this region and for the catholic church. in the church behind me, brazilians were hoping this was going to be the announcement of the first brazilian coast, a huge amount of expectation. people were hoping of brazilian would make it to become the pope. a little bit of disappointment but also excitement and interest that they have the first quote from this continent. a latin american pope, and
emerges as the next leader of the catholic church, change is on the way. and the protesters we saw today were detained by police, making for a very intense moment in what was otherwise a peaceful day. we met pilgrims from europe, latin america, asia, they were singing, cheering, they were rooting for the cardinals from their own countries. in some ways, it really felt like a little bit of a soccer match out there. >> cecilia, thanks so much. >>> i want to turn now to father john wauch of rome via chicago who has been watching all day the conclave. we heard cecilia talk about the crowds. you were saying to me, it was a different feeling you had out there today. >> i think that what you see is, once the conclave has begun, there's a change in the air. there's a change in the tone surrounding the vatican. >> taking this seriously, knowing this matters? >> you could say that the opening of the conclave, with the music and the hymns and the pageantry of it, the prayer, casts a spell, almost, on the city. and the people in the square this evening, waiting for the smoke, i think, you get a sens
a certain amount of change. i just want to caution -- i think a lot of americans think -- when they think of reform and change they think we're going to have women priests. that was not a realistic expectation given the cardinals who were in there. i think what they mean by reform touched other issues, partly reorganization of the curia, its relationships with local bishops and, again, are we going to focus a little bitless maybe on the traditional latin mass and a little bit more on caring for the poor. >> ifill: so this is not a pope or a papacy we're going to see any kind of change when it comes to things like abortion or -- >> of course not. >> ifill: gay marriage. >> of course not. >> ifill: or adoption or any social issues that get us so worked up, especially in the united states? >> no, and these are not issues in the latin american church. when 50% of your people are living below the poverty line, shame on you if you're worried about other issues like that. you've got to be very hand on worried about feeding your people so they don't go to bet hungry at night. >> ifill: he was quo
, not a popularity contest. not to move. people are voting this way. change all the doctrine and yet at the same time that is a challenge for the american church. how do you keep up with what people consider to be modern times, but keep to a doctrine that is obviously based in t way past, in history? >> this is an issue. because people do have it in their minds that this is a democracy and that polls are the things that make the decisions. it's not. we're dealing with what we call eternal truth. the eternal truth of our faith and don't really change that much. we said earlier in the program, the key is the way you delivery the message. that's what people will look for in the next 40 years. >> it will endear him to the audience or push him to the audience. john paul ii, what people loved about him was the delivery of the message in a personal way. >> have the ability to engage the culture and have the conversation is key. >> pope john paul was 59, only two years older than me, when he became the pope. and we watched him become a grandfather. benedict walked out to the world statement stage as a grandf
actions for the first 100 days of the papacy. they said this is an opportunity for significant change. >> we're a single issue group -- this sounds probably dreadfully self-serving to say, but we really do believe that there's nothing on the next pope's plate that's more pressing than the safety of the most vulnerable members of his flock. >> reporter: they said without new action, the abuse crisis will continue to widen around the world. >> because this is essentially like a cancer that's eating away at the very soul of the church, we believe, and unless the pope really takes quick strong moves to turn things around, the future, especially for children in the church looks very grim. >> reporter: other advocates hope for breakthroughs on their issues as well. as pilgrims were awaiting the sight of white smoke from the sistine chapel, a coalition of women's groups raised some pink smoke above the vatican. they called for an expansion of female leadership roles in the church, including ordination in to the priesthood. >> we would like to see some dialogue. pope john paul ii closed dialo
themselves. >>> we have a status report tonight on climate change and how visible it is in one of the most stunning places on the globe. if you have the chance in life to journey to the bottom of the earth to antarctica, you will see it unfolding in dramatic fashion. nbc's kerry sanders is just back from there and has our report tonight. >> reporter: it is the waning days of summer in antarctica and there is an annual race on. penguins are hatching. parents nursing their chicks before the first swim in the southern ocean. often their last because of what lurks below. >> the leopard seal is a number one penguin killer. >> reporter: it's part of the balance of life here. leopard seals eat up to 25 penguins a day. some people say there are only two different types of penguins -- the white ones walking towards you and the black ones walking away. but there are 18 different types of penguins. more than half have reason to worry. >> look at that. >> reporter: in the last 50 years average winter temperatures here have risen 10.7 degrees. the national snow and ice status center measured the lowest
tonight. >> reporter: the winds of change are speeding up over the vatican. the conclave vote will determine which way they blow. electing a pope is a political as well as religious event. there are serious fault lines in the college of cardinals. some are traditionalists, many of them in the entrenched vatican establishment. and some are reformers, mostly non-italians who think the church's creaking bureaucracy and secretive ways are at the root of its problems. but as marco tossatti, who's been covering the vatican for 40 years says, the cardinals also split into sometimes surprising camps. the reformist standard bearer is italian cardinal anglo scola but -- >> scola is italian but certainly the italians will not vote for him. (laughs). >> reporter: scola's support actually comes from outside italy. but it doesn't come from the u.s. cardinals who are thought to support new york candidate timothy dolan-- at least to start. then they may switch to o'malley of boston. the traditionalist candidate is supported by the so-called diplomatic cardinals-- the italians based at the vat
garb, not in papal white but in simple priestley black. he changed later on. but in any case it was another sign of what we've been talking about all along, his humility. i took a closer look at the new pope in a story last night. >> translator: begin this journ journey. >> reporter: his journey began wednesday when cardinal jorge mario bergoglio of argentina was elected to lead the catholic church. he's the first non-european pope since the 8th century and first pope ever from south america. he will called pope francis, in honor of st. francis of assisi. bergoglio was born in 1936 in buenos aires, argentina. the son of an italian i'll grant, a railway worker. he had four brothers and sisters. he studied to brk a chemist before receiving the call to the priesthood. the 76-year-old was ordained a jesuit in december of 1969. and has served as orsh bishop of buenos aires. he was made a cardinal on february 21st, 2001. bergoglio is said to have been the runner-up in a 2005 concl e conclave. and in 2013 he was the oldest of the possible candidate, barely mentioned ad eed as a top
-- we need this first before any changes will be done. >> and from angela merkel, more caution. >> just because two countries have changed their minds does not mean 25 others have to follow suit. >> david cameron said lifting the embargo would not necessarily mean britain army rebel groups right now. the french have been a little more forceful, but the issue will now be passed to foreign ministers to decide. the current embargo expires at the end of may. if no compromise is found, britain and france could choose to let the embargo last and then go it alone. that would be controversial, but they have certainly use the second anniversary of the conflict to send a message -- "we are not doing enough." overr more on the debate whether to arm the rebels and what if anything the major powers can do to stop the with georgee spoke w. bush's national security adviser. a year ago, you argue that farming syria's rebels was desperately required. where do you stand now? series rebelsg was desperately required. >> we are late. we should have done more before now. >> will britain and france get anywhe
. this kind of assessment -- we need this first before any changes will be done. >> and from angela merkel, more caution. >> just because two countries have changed their minds does not mean 25 others have to follow suit. >> david cameron said lifting the embargo would not necessarily mean britain army rebel groups right now. the french have been a little more forceful, but the issue will now be passed to foreign ministers to decide. the current embargo expires at the end of may. if no compromise is found, britain and france could choose to let the embargo last and then go it alone. that would be controversial, but they have certainly use the second anniversary of the conflict to send a message -- "we are not doing enough." overr more on the debate whether to arm the rebels and what if anything the major powers can do to stop the with georgee spoke w. bush's national security adviser. a year ago, you argue that farming syria's rebels was desperately required. where do you stand now? series rebelsg was desperately required. >> we are late. we should have done more before now. >> will britai
and gay marriage rather than the prophetic teaching that's i go unite us like climate change or meeting the needs of the world's poor. >> we've heard a lot of talk about cardinal o'malley from boston. he is 68 years old, credited with cleaning up scandal there's palm beach as well as boston. another organization has been reluctant to post names of offending priests on their website. but there is at least one article that refers to a dozen or so cardinals they believe should not be participating and part of the statement from the daily beast article says as cardinals arrived in rome to choose a flew pontiff, victims of sexual abuse have laid out their case against the top contenders and say even the best options are tainted by the global scandal. do you believe even the best options are tainted? or perhaps there is hope that the person who emerges, a person who come from behind that scarlet curtain there will perhaps bring the church to the next necessary point? >> well, the holy spirit works in mysterious ways and i can't say whether or not the church can fully recover from the abuse sc
. >>> one of the most famous college dropouts plans to change how future generations go to college. an interview with bill gates. >>> and -- ♪ i don't want to be another wave in the ocean ♪ >> bon jovi provided a sound track for a generation. he's talking to us. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. all that ahead this hour. first, this. defense secretary chuck hagel is getting a firsthand look at how dangerous afghanistan remains 11 years into the war. also a direct message from the taliban. he's making his first visit since being appointed last month. . it began on a deadly note. a suicide bomber detonated a device in kabul. nine people were killed. a half an hour later nine others were killed when another suicide bomber attacked a check point south of kabul. >> we're at war. war didn't stop. and we have a war here. that's just the reality. we're going to continue to work with the afghans and our coalition partners to fight that war and to assure that the afghan people have every ability and right to develop their own country, their own way in a democracy. >> so taliban claims resp
to what we heard from them in the past. they want to change medicare for people starting in 2024 and turn it into more of a voucher program where people go out and buy their own private health insurance. they want to block grant things like medicaid and food stamps so that it goes through state funding. it changes from an open entitlement program to something that will only support people as long as the money lasts. and they want to unwind some things that federal government spends money on, like housing giants fannie mae and freddie mac. but these are really policies that we have heard from them before. there wasn't a lot of new substance there. >> brown: in fact you were at the press conference. i was watching a reporter pointed that out to paul ryan. he was sort of... we saw a little bit of it. he was unapologetically continuing on, no matter what happened in the election, right? >> there's a feeling on the part of the house republicans that although the presidential election was lost for the republican party, the house republicans feel like they still maintain the majority in the hous
the truly repressing challenges of our day. the climate change that affects all of us is what we are talking about. not devices like sexuality. >> chris jansing, let me bring you back in. we hear the bells, see the thick white smoke. the first couple of seconds appeared gray. ed with been there before with uncertainty but can could not be more clear where we are here from the exports you have spoken with, i'm seeing many priest and analysis from your show earlier today, what message does this send that five ballots, two days later, we have a new head of catholic church? >> i think a lot of people are surprised they have come together this quickly. on the other hand, remember, they did not have a period of mourning or a funeral for a pope who had died. once they came to rome, all of these cardinals could concentrate on the subject at happened. and that was, they knew they were here to elect a new pope. and you can just imagine what it is like inside that room right now. let's just go over what has happened. they would have gone over those ballots and they are burning them. but at the same tim
a south african court for changes. they argue the double amputee is a flight risk and should be able to travel outside of south africa. he mistakenly shot and killed his girlfriend in her home thinking she was an intruder. >>> happening now cardinals from around the world are meets for the last time before the start of tomorrow's conclave to pick a new pope. this is video this morning new of the cardinals arriving for the preconclave meetings at the vatican. 115 cardinals will vote for a new pope but it seem there is is no clear front runner at this point. yesterday archbishop of new york hinted a decision could come sooner rather than later. >> a week ago we would have said wow, we have a lot of work to do. now you see a sense of resignation and trust and faith. >> the vatican hopes to have a new hope before march 24th. here's how tomorrow's process will work. the cardinals will gather inside the sistine chapel. no cameras or journalists will be allowed in the conclave. the first vote will happen in the afternoon following a morning mass. they will vote four times a day until a two-
of the united nations. but even there today, a brief moment of silent tribute. this is a moment of change, undoubtedly. also, this is not about politics. it is about a man and a deep, a visceral sense of loss. >> hugo chavez's koffman has just arrived at the military academy -- coffin has just arrived at the military academy, where he will lie in state until friday. i spoke with the former venezuelan minister of trade who joins us from new york. well hugo chavez's brand of populism outlive him? >> it will. there are several forces that he unleashed in the country that are going to be there for awhile. at the front of the debate, the poor and needy. he was very vehement about their exclusion he also did that in a highly polarized in fashion. the politics of rage and revenge have become part of the political fabric of the country and that is one of the many wounds that need to be late -- shield, whoever -- that needs to be healed, whoever his successor is. >> you think that will come with the election, whenever that is? >> this is not an end -- a normal election when there is a political pa
as the solar impulse is in the works to change history. a massive wingspan covered in solar panels collects and stores energy so the plane can be flown day and even at night. >>> also in california, a widower got a disturbing surprise when he realized the woman in the casket was not his wife. the funeral home told him his wife simply looked different because of the embalming process, and it wasn't until another family came forward claiming a body switch that they recognized their mistake. >>> preparations are under way in pacific grove's seal pup season begins. signs are going up warning visitors not to disturb the elephant seals, harbor seals and sea lions. the expectant mothers ready themselves for the births of their pups expected to take place in april and may. >>> top ranked gonzaga strengthened its case with a rout of unranked st. mary's to win the west coast conference final, 65-51. this will be the 15th straight year the zags go to the big dance. >>> in women's college basketball, number one baylor got 31 points from britney griner to capture the big 12 conference championship. the
sticking points on any budget have not changed for republicans or democrats. and as you mentioned, president obama headed back to the capitol today. this time to meet with a tougher audience after meeting with senate democrats yesterday. now house republicans, members of his own party are expressing doubt about how effective he will be at this. also senate democrats releasing their own budget for the first time in about four years, calling for a trillion dollars in new revenues by closing loopholes, but no significant changes to medicare. democrats have rejected the republican plan released yesterday that would have cut the deficit by nearly $5 trillion by repealing president obama's health care law and making changes to those under 54. the one budget we have now to see from the president. the white house says it won't be ready until april 8th, about two months late, richard. >> danielle leigh watching those budget proposals. we'll see what happens. thank you so much. >>> turning now to a bizarre and gruesome story. new york's so-called cannibal on cop is facing life in prison aft
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, the approval of the keystone pipeline, and it opens federal lands for drilling. major changes for medicare and medicaid. by 2024, medicaid patients would be able to choose between medicaid and a private plan. it also includes means testing for wealthy seniors. as for medicaid, that becomes part of a block grant program that would be administered by states. let me bring in "usa today's" washington bureau chief, susan page, and perry bacon. i want to start with paul ryan who laid out a lot of details in this op-ed in the "wall street journal" today. here's part of what he writes. "the truth is, the nation's death is a sign of overreach. government is trying to do too much, and when government does too much, it doesn't do anything well. so a balanced budget is a reasonable goal, because it returns government to its proper limits and focus." this seems, susan, pretty consistent with the position that republicans have had. so is there more a statement of what the republicans want, sort of a show piece here? >> it's interesting, chris, we've seen in the last week or two some better, more biparti
'm maureen naylor in for pam cook. we have the time change there. let's get a check of weather and traffic. let's start with rosemary today. >> quite a pleasant weekend. we got another nice day in store. for many of us a warm up in store. this hour we are joined by chilly temperatures. slipping back into the 30s and 40s. and inland areas dealing with a little bit of patchy fog. i'll have more on that coming up and a look at your afternoon highs in your extended forecast. good morning, sal. >>> good morning. right now traffic is moving well on highway 4 westbound as you come up to the willow pass grade. eastbound highway 4 has reopened after an earlier problem. this is a look at northbound 880 and the traffic is moving well. let's go back to the desk. >>> time is 5:00. over night news a disturbing incident at the montgomery bart station. tara moriarty is there this morning. a man was killed inside an elevator shaft. >> reporter: this was a pretty gruesome scene out here last night. something first responders just don't see. they believe a man was sleeping on top of an elevator car when he w
, can pope francis effect change. he's talking to the people. he's kissing babies. he's affable. everybody loves him. at the end of the day the question is, can he really change anything within the catholic church? >> well, some of those things he simply cannot change, and that's because of doctrinal changes. some things he can put a focus on. for example, on saturday as he's meeting an audience, he mentioned saint frap sis as the patron of creation. nothing very good to creation have we. that got lost. if you're in creation, environment, ecology will not be lost on this pope. there are other issues in which he can emphasize main line catholic teachings. >> father beck, if you could weigh in on that as well. >> all of those issues you mentioned, women priest, certainly, would be the most unchanged. birth control, 1969, the end result of that was not to listen to a group that was at vatican recommending a change in the church position on that. this pope could have another conversation about birth control if he wanted to. married priesthood. that is a discipline in the catholic ch
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at the golden gate bridge. i just saw lane change trucks drive by before we came on the air. right now quiet across the span. and bart has so far all the trains running on time. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> a son-in-law of osama bin laden is set to appear in a new york courtroom less than two hours from now. sulaiman abu ghaith is expected to face terror-related charges. the justice department announced yesterday he was arrested in jordan last week. abu ghaith is considered a top al qaeda operative and served as a spokesman for bin laden. >> he is not a big fish but he's not a little fish. you know, when you catch these guys, they may lead you to the bigger fish. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham and other republicans are criticizing the obama administration, saying abu ghaith should be at guantanamo bay not in a u.s. federal court. >>> an oakland man probably didn't expect his luggage to go through extra security at the airport but tsa agents found 67 pounds of pot in his luggage. the suspect is 21 and had a ticket to south carolina, ch
that the american people want. if you're cutting benefits for disabled veterans, which is what the so-called changed cpi does, or raising taxes on working people, that is a bad bargain. what we have got to fight for and what the american people have been very clear with poll after poll, is that we're lose -- bank in tax havens, we have to fix those loopholes. thomas, i'm not concerned about whether you have a grand bargain tomorrow july or in september, the question is what is fair? when they're doing phenomenally well and the effective tax rates are very, very low, we have to ask them to contribute significant retch, and, by the way, job crazy. real unemployment over 14%. >> senator, i want your take on the republican on republican dissension on the drone program and the filibuster that rand paul, everybody comparing to your fills buster of 2010 a lot of people are talking about what specifically he was talking about. taking on rand paul, and taking him to task for the observations though he was making. this was all an attempt to keep john brennan from being appointed, which he was. >> why not join
the gavel. they are changing the tone in the committee and they are doing it by taking a more wholistic approach to what armed services means. for example, this issue which is really important and in addition to those three women who are now on the subcommittees on the armed services committee, you have claire mccaskill who was very outspoken this week about the incident that representative braley described. >> kristen gillibrand right now. leon panetta used this to put new rules into place and chuck hagel is looking into this case that we mentioned earlier. what do you think? does the legislation have a thought? >> i think it will be an early test for chuck hagel. this was a big issue for some of the key senators who are here, like barbara boxer, claire mccaskill, those senators really made this an issue for hagel and he said, look, i am going to make this a priority in terms of looking at whether or not the military justice system needs to be reformed. and now he's got -- now he's got a decision to make because pressure is certainly going to build from this hearing today and legislati
that began 30 years ago, this could be a change in the fight against hiv and aids. doctors say a baby in mississippi born with hiv has been cured. the baby received aggressive treatment just 30 hours after birth. the child would be the second in the world considered cured. director of national ins turt of al allergy and diseases good morning. >> good morning. >> is this a cure? if so, what are the implications? >> it's very likely a cure. the implications need to be determined because you're talking about a single case and it's really more of a hypothesis developing or driving situation, where we need to see if this is going to be applicable. it looks like under the unusual circumstances that this is indeed a cure because the pediatricians aggressively treated the baby essentially immediately after birth, which is the time of infection as opposed to waiting to see if the baby was indeed affected. it was an aggressive approach that proved to be correct. whether or not this is going to be broadly applicable to children really remains to be determined. it is an import
, to be the leader of a world religion of over a billion people in a world that's constantly changing, in a church that's suffered much over the past years because of difficulties and scandals, a government that the church -- that needs some adjusting at present, that's no secret. and so anyone who's going to come into this job knows what's before him on this table. >> pelley: well, with the bells of st. peter's tolling behind us father tom rosica, thank you very much. >> it's a pleasure to be with you. >> pelley: in afghanistan, two americans and two afghans were killed today in an attack in wardack province. an afghan wearing a police uniform opened fire on them at a joint military base. he was killed in the shootout. ten americans were wounded. this appears to be the latest in a series of insider attacks adding to rising tension between the afghan and u.s. governments. charlie d'agata is at our bureau there kabul tonight. charlie you've just come back from a mission that involved both u.s. and afghan forces working side by side. what's the relationship like? >> reporter: scott, things seem a lo
, and make some concrete changes that have helped the church regain credibility and helped some of those wounded by the church to heal and come back to the faith. i think it's something that the cardinals are aware of and one of the things they'll be considering as they discern who they believe god would really want to be the next pope. >>> thank you both so very much. of course we'll be watching and coming back to you at a moment's notice, waiting for the smoke. >>> and led by women here at home, women senators, the armed services subcommittee today, has been holding the first hearing in a decade on sexual assault in the military, assaults against both men and women. >> one week before my unit was scheduled to return, i was raped by another service member that had worked with our team. initially i -- i had no faith in my chand. >> commanders too often fa fail to care for the victim or prosecute the perpetrator. >> let's not allow sexual predators who happen to wear a uniform the opportunity to become highly decorated sexual predators. let's make sure they are convicted and dishonorably
bet there are a lot of people who might return to the church if it changed. after tonight's celebrations are over, the question will be whether saint francis will be that change. "anderson cooper 360" starts right now. >> erin, thanks very much. good evening, everyone. good morning from rome. the world has a new pope, as you know do in and out know by now. 1.2 billion catholics have a new leader and unlike many they have ever had. a short time ago, stepped on to the balcony, begins day one of his papacy as a true pioneer in many ways. the first latin american pope, the first noneuropean pope in modern times. first to take the name francis after saint francis of assisi. this one made history quickly, as well. extraordinary scene in the square. the five rounds of voting, a decision. and as the white smoke rose, the crowd in st. peter's square erupted. the joy. this time, not tempered by mourning as it was eight years ago, because for the first time in 598 years, the previous pope is alive and well, retired, not deceased. as word got out, the crowd grew larger. people literal
if and bring some change. >> and because he's so pastoral. working among the people. and literally in the trenches. that's going to make a difference. we heard people didn't want a theologyian insider. it was so interesting to me, and this is probably a sin against humility, i'm going to say it anyway. on february 25th i tweeted why isn't anyone talking about cardinal bergoglio? why isn't anyone talking about him this time? and people told me well, he's too old. eight years later, he's 76 now. they didn't vote for him last time, not this time. so when he walked out to that balcony, i thought wow. this group saw something in this man that they think the church needs now and they said we're going to give him to you. >> he wasn't in discussion. earlier chris cuomo said on our air he talked to a retired cardinal and the retired cardinal's advice to chris was you need to focus on bergoglio. you're missing out that you haven't been discussing him. i don't know the source, which retired cardinal it was. he was certainly right on the money on this. erin, it was an extraordinary day, a day,
archbishop of buenos aires was elected by the cardinals yesterday in a strong religion of changing die nam milks. he was selected on the fifth round of voting. at the secret conclave. his name announced for a crowd of over a hundred thousand people gathered in st. peters square. that was quite a sight, mike barnicle, to watch unfold. >> the theater, the theater of the church is unmatched, unparalleled when you consider the ramifications of what we all watched yesterday. hundreds of thousands of people in st. peters square and millions around the world watching this. everything in doubt until those doors opened. the theater of black smoke and white smoke. there was no red state, blue state, no chuck todd standing in front of a map announcing winners. >> not that we don't love that. >> i know, i know. >> it's all go. >> not that there is anything wrong with that. >> until that door opened, we did not know who the next pope would be and the significance of the choice is overwhelming as well. the pope crosses the ocean to latin america. first time it's happened as you pointed out, joe. >> righ
progress. >> we want to change the life of kenya. our main goal is jobs, jobs, jobs. >> polls but the two neck-and- neck making a second round of voting likely. >> and now we go to our correspondent standing by at a polling station and joins us from nairobi. how concerned are people out kenyatta has been indicted for his alleged role in 2007? >> people perceive the charges are not correct . they are saying that they voted for him. they say that they're going to show that kenya has been an behind both of them. if we vote for them, the charges have to be dropped. >> there have been some reports of violence. tell us more about the mood on election day. >> it is still quite peaceful. they're trying to make it a successful day. they're referring to the violence last time of people who really wanted peace. assaad and man on the street painting on the side of the road. that is actually the mood. calls are still going on. the national election commissioner of the promised everyone in the polling station on the bonds tell now, 5:00 in nairobi, they will be able to cast their vote. >> what role doe
to young teens or tweens cross a line? >>> big changes coming to "the view." there's speculation that another of the hosts is on the way out days after joy behar announced she's getting set to leave. we'll get into all of that intrigue. >>> in afghanistan, a suicide bomber attacking in kabul as defense secretary chuck hagel's in the middle of a trip there. we have more from kabul. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carl. how are you? yeah, terrible day of violence here in afghanistan. one suicide attack in the eastern city that was aimed at a joint patrol, nine civilians killed, though. eight of them children, the other one, as you mentioned, here in central kabul. an afghan official saying it was a lone bicycle-riding suicide bomber who set off his charge 30 yards to the main entrance of the afghanistan began defense ministry. the blast could be heard for miles, even at the building where secretary hagel was in a briefing. the briefing continued uninterrupted as did the itinerary that took him to bagram air base and jalalabad. today is a big day. he will visit in kab
big reason why i decided to change. i did it for myself. but he has been there as like a rock. as support. i have something -- that i want to give you. a class teacher yesterday gave us a father's day card. it was just a picture. we had to make it ourselves. i didn't have much of a father growing up. and coming in here, you actually -- have given me my life back. you helped my self-esteem go up. this is only a portion. >> i appreciate it. i appreciate it. wow. >> i don't even know how to express how i feel. >> it has been a life-changing experience. it really has the. >> wow. that really makes my day. this makes my whole year. matter of fact. all right, all right, brother the i've will holler at you in a week or so. >> it really made my day. it really truly made my day. the card says -- dear mr. hubert. i know you are not my real father. but you the closest father figure i have had in a long type. you don't know how much you mean to me. you have helped me by giving me my life back. this father's day card is nowhere close to what i owe you for giving me back my life and self-es
one of us. >> reporter: a new cbs news poll says catholics were looking for a change. >> don't you think it's time already that we might have a latin, always from italy, uhm, from europeans. so i think it's time already. >> reporter: the selection process one parishioners in saint mary's have a strong faith in. cordileone says it won't be easy. >> obviously the pope needs to be a man of deep faith and prayer, a good communicator, someone who is also good administrator and will be able to connect well with people. it's a lot of qualities that are hard to find in one person. >> reporter: the new poll also found that the majority of catholics surveyed were looking for a pope who was younger and with fresh ideas versus age and experience. in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you. although it's not for certain, experts say we will likely have a new pope before friday. the longest conclave held since the turn of the 20th century was about five days. kpix 5 of course has continuing coverage of the change at the vatican. all you have
need to be a change in the vatican in the curia and bureaucracy and i wouldn't depend on the people in place right now. nicely enconsed. i hope he brings some of his trusted friends from argentina. >> neil: but he has a very nice image, a very soft-spoken man. he has scandals to deal with, though a lot of them -- a financial scandal, the likes of which even italian authorities are pressing european unions still pressing. >> they had to get somebody from the outside. getting somebody from the outside is the only way to change some of the things. the bureaucracy needs shaken up and some other elements of the catholic church. >> neil: bill, it's always so nice. especially on a day like this. we know the formal mass for the pope will be march 19th, next tuesday. and we do know that a very simple man from a very simple past has now assumed the highest spot in the catholic church. a man who has always askewed cooks but he's in italy now. consider it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> great joy. we have a pope. [ applause ] >> the conclave was to give rome a bishop. it looks like my brother,
white. >> kind of dark, kind of light. >> we're seeing smoke change before. >> certainly seems to be turning progressively more white. >> that is definitely not black smoke. it's white smoke. >> reporter: the website, istherewhitesmoke.com went from no to yes. thank you, pope francis. no longer will we have to endure even the commercials cluttered with tiny boxes showing a live image of the papal chimney. >> to order the incredible flexible hose. >> reporter: it is incredible enough to put out all that smoke? enjoy it while you can sea gull with the election over, they'll be dismantling your perch. jeannie moos, cnn, new york. >> i was one of them. i was definitely smoke chimney obsessed today. >> you and a billion others. >> exactly. >> thanks very much. aarerin burnett "out front" sta right now. >> i would like to pray for the lord so that the prayer of the people blesses also the new pontiff. >> the new pope asked for the people's blessing. good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett in front of st. patrick's cathedral in new york city. what do we know about the new leader of t
to change that. and i think the real problem is that there isn't that system of checks and balances that we have in our judicial system. >> think that will change ever? ? i do think it will change, but i will say in our system, in the civilian system, a judge can also overturn a jury's verdict, so that is the same. it's just so rarely done and it's an appellate process as opposed to what appears to be just one person being allowed to make that decision. i do think, brooke, that's going to change. >> we'll watch for the changes, sunny hostin and anu, thank you p both. >>> we are just getting breaking news. breaking news here, after months and months after the attack on benghazi, new word on someone in custody. more on that after this break. that want you to represent them. really, who? no. they add too much fragrance. no, they make you wear pink. are you kidding? no. nah. [ telephone rings ] no. not my style. no. [ cellphone rings ] [ man ] you might like this one. aveeno®. aveeno®. let me think about it. [ male announcer ] the beautiful jennifer aniston now for aveeno®. [ male announcer
of the core aviation security changes triggered by the 9/11 attacks. after al qaeda terrorists used box cutters to kill flight crews and hijack four jetliners, the u.s. government banned all knives on planes. over the last 12 years, millions of knives have been confiscated at airport security check points. now the ban is being relaxed. effective april 25, air travelers will be permitted to carry small pocket knives, provided the blades are no longer than 2.36 inches and no wider than half an inch. box cutters, larger knives and those with locking blades and molded grips will still be banned. flight attendants warn even the smaller knives present a threat inside the passenger cabin. stacey martin represents southwest airlines flight attendants. >> they're allowing these items to come through, and they're putting the responsibility of the cabin completely on us even though they know coming through security are these items. >> reporter: but the transportation security administration argues the change brings u.s. regulations in line with international safety rules, permitting small knives.
imagine. gay marriage, abortion, birth control. anyone looking for change along those lines will not find it in this man. a good and easy google. anything against same-sex, very much against contraceptions. the quotes are out there. you can look at them. for someone looking for change that way, they will not find it. for catholics who want to stick to the moral compass that guided us for century, you will find it in this man. >> kimberly: that was probably pleasing to the curia. strong social stance. >> dana: i know we are running out of time but i want to ask you to tribe how he might be able to help on the world stage when it comes to lune rights -- human rights. church had challenge in china. where people want to worship freely and up against a government that is not allowing that. do you think this new man, the new pope, pope francis will address it effect lively? >> from what i read, it appea appears that that the is the conversation he'd approach with shoulders down, humility and firm compass. freedom to worship the god of your choice is a basic human right. that is how he described
a perception problem, an image problem that, you know, a culture problem we have to change as well. >> absolutely. i think that's actually one reason why having more women in leadership positions is quite valuable. it normalizes female authority. it gets us used to seeing powerful and assertive women and so that perception gap then hopefully will decrease. >> but how do we get there then? >> it's sort of a chicken and egg problem, right? >> right. >> on the one hand, we need women to be more assertive and take individual steps to help pull themselves up to positions of power, but we also need major institutional and cultural changes. we're the only developed country on earth that doesn't have federally mandated maternity leave, don't have federally mandated sick days or vacation days. it makes us an outlier. >> i spoke with bobbi brown, the makeup maven, this week about these very issues and one thing she told me which i thought was fascinating. she's written seven books and she said i write all my best books in traffic jams. it's just about sort of multitasking and prioritizing wh
as a president wanting to change it. so i'm welcoming with open arms. i think the president is tremendously sincere. i don't think this is just a political change in tactic. i think he actually would like to solve the problems of the country and it would be to his benefit and certainly every americans' benefit if he did that. so it's time to start leading. the way you do that is quit poking your finger in people's eyes and start building relationships. i think he's got a great chance to accomplish a big deal. >> senator kaine, i don't want to just focus on tactics, i want to focus on news and developments, where in the budget deal is there room for compromise? >> david, first i think it is important to look at the steps that all the sides are taking toward one other. so at year end, much not to like about the bush tax cut deal but it was compromise. the house early in the year decided they weren't going to use the threat of repudiating debt ads leverage anymore. that was positive. the senate said we'll write a budget again. i think this week you're going to find us working out an fy-13 budg
bit of a change, and if there is sort of one feeling, it's that if this happens quickly, it will be someone who is more expected. for example, the archbishop of milan, cardinal scola. if it goes on a while and they can't seem to coalesce around one or two candidates early on, it does open up the possibility of a north american pope. possibly a latin american or an african pope. so we'll have to see the way it plays out. i think the length of the conclave could start to give us some indication of how things are going. >> chris jansing and father john. thank you very much. i know you're going to be there throughout the hour, throughout the day until we see some smoke and until they complete their deliberations today, we'll get back to you the moment anything happens, thank you both. >>> meanwhile, here in washington on capitol hill today, conflicting fiscal visions. paul ryan unveiled his republican budget. now president obama is about to head to the hill to encourage senate democrats to offer their alternative later this week. joining me now for our daily fix, "washington
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